CS1300 Tools provides a learning base for informatics students
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CS1300 tools is a software that helps students learn informatics. The package includes:
- Minimalist GNU Windows 32 Tools with
- g (Version 3.3.1),
- gdb (Version 5.2.1),
- make (Version 3.8),
- win32 api library (Version 2.5),
- and more from bintools (2.13.90) and elsewhere: addr2line, ar, as, awk, bison, c , c filt, cc, cmp, dlltool, echo, ed, egrep, ex, fgrep, flex, flex , g , gasp, gawk, gcc, gcov, gdb, genclass, gperf, gprof, grep, gunzip, gzip, ld, m4, make, nm, objcopy, objdump, protoize, ranlib, red, rm, sed, size, strings, string, tail, tar, unprotoize, wc, windres, zcat.
- Windows Emacs editor
- Elvis vi editor
- BGI graphics library for the Gnu compiler
It provides a series of exercises and tests for the students:
- Exercise 1: GNU Emacs and G
- Exercise 2: The GDB Debugger
- Exercise 3: Loops and the BGI Graphics
- Exercise 4: More about Program Design and Functions
- Exercise 5: Input and Output from Files
- Exercise 6: The Make Facility

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